DJ Stamen

DJ Stamen

A new identity for a new DJ

DJ Stamen is well knowm DJ from Servie. He works a couple of years as a DJ and performs in citys like Amsterdam, New York and Ibiza. You can recognize the music through the surprising elements. He often uses repeating patterns. So that was the starting point for the New Brand Identity.

The Research

The main color i used in the brand idenity is black. Stamen uses in all of his pictures on social media black and white photos. So that was the first starting point. First i made several concepts based on the music. Like a wave concept, mountains and circkels. In the end I use a combination of those concepts. Stamen uses surpsiring elements and repeating pattern. So the decising was made: several repeating shapes and one surprising shape.

The Components

As you can see above there are a few rules for the use of fonts and logo’s. The rules are the basis for the design of the products. The next products have been worked out: T-Shirt, LP cover, CD cover, Website design, Poster. The surprising element is used in all of these products in a different way.