Web application for ex-students to create jobs for them

Experience is a web app based for ex-students. Most of the graduated student won’t get a job because of their experience they don’t have. Experience will help them. Company’s in the creative sector can upload their jobs on the application, like logo design, flyer design etc. The ex-students can apply for these jobs en can create some job experience.

The outside

Blue in combination with dark blue en white will represent the professional look, that the app will have. The ex-students in the age of twenty to twenty-five are looking for a fresh and a professional look. For the company’s most of all the professional look. The light blue is the most common color in the app, together with white. The dark blue is the accent color.

The Research

The results that came out of the research was a little bit shocking. Students who studied in the art sector, was still 11,9 percent unemploymened after the study. Experience can be a solution for those who has little of no experience on the job market. With little (or big) projects from real company’s, is there a real change to be part of the job market.

Mobile First

Eighty percent of the users views the website on their mobile phone. This percentage is still rising, and this is absolutely not shocking. Considering this result, it makes sense to redesign websites for mobile first.