Het Friethuys

Het Friethuys

A new website for a new company

Het Friethuys is a new concept for a small village near Amsterdam. They have a strong story and a strong message for people, deliver the beste Quality snacks at your house. In collaboration with Sitedish (who is an expert in software for deliver restaurants) is the website and order website created.

The website

Het friethuys stands for luxury fries and snacks. The decision for the color was made really quick, Black and Yellow. Black is the main color for the luxury and chique ambiance. Yellow is the accent color. Yellow brings positivity and optimism and is associated with sunlight for the positive atmosphere for Het Friethuys.


Physical Identity

The identity of Het Friethuys was not only limited to the online Brand Identity but also physical. In three weeks they transformed a storage area into a takeaway and delivery restaurant.